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Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation
of countries by learning as you go...

Travel and learn is the fastest growing initiative in today's travel.

Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of countries by learning as you go, absorbing the environment, the culture, and the history of your chosen destination.

Doug and Megan Walker of Travel & Learn Experience have over 15 years experience in the travel industry and are full members of the Travel Industry Association of New Zealand. Each aspect of your journey has been personally researched and carefully inspected by them.

"The impact of the programmes offered comes from our extensive contacts in adult education and the travel industry; close personal ties with local providers, lecturers and guides who have contributed to the spirit of the countries we visit; and the limited size of the groups."

"Read some of our travellers' responses, or ask us for the name of a Travel & Learn traveller near you, so you can hear first hand the impact of a Travel & Learn programme. Yours will be an experience of fun, friends, learning and growth, in the company of like-minded people."

New Zealand

A pristine landscape of unrivalled beauty, home to a warm and fascinating people.


The Dreamtime Trailcovers Australia's vast Outback, Great Barrier Reef, rainforests,lively cities and Aboriginal people.

Southern Africa

Where the liberation of the peoples, and the extraordinary power of the landscape, so grips the imagination.

Independent Travel

Many travellers wish to travel by themselves or in small family groups. We can assist you to construct a tour taking into account your special interests; help you with bookings, travel conditions and current events. On your arrival we will present you with a complete manual of maps, travel suggestions and confirmed bookings.

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